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Grand  Lieu  VTT

Saint Philbert de Grand Lieu - 44310 -

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Photo 1 remove the stem and fork

Photo 2 - if the lower race didn t come off with the fork remove it now. Remove the upper bearing and wipe the head tube sockets clean.

Photo 3 - Use solvent or spray degreaser to clean all the headset parts.


Photo 4 - CAREFULLY find the outer edge of the seal and pry it out of its groove.NEVER touch the inner lip of the seals with a tool.

Photo 5 - Repeat the previous steps with the upper bearing and then use solvent or spray degreaser to remove all grease and grime from the bearing. Spin the bearing to help free up the gunk.

Photo 6 - Dry the bearings and then pack them full of lightweight synthetic grease. Spin the bearing to get the grease around the balls. Wipe the seal clean and then gently snap in back into place with thumb pressure.

Photo 7 - Pack and replace the seal of the upper bearing and then use your greasy fingers to apply a thin coat on the head tube sockets.

Photo 8 - The inner diameter of the lower race is tapered in one side to mate with the fork s crown race fitting. Make sure that the taper faces down and slide the lower bearing onto the fork s steerer tube.

Photo 10. Before you slide the steerer tube into the frame make sure that the brake hoses and shift housings are all headed in the right direction.

Photo 11 - Slide the upper bearing over the steerer tube and into the frame then slip the headset wedge and cap over it to hold the assembly in place. There should always be one spacer between the cap and the stem.

Step 12 - To adjust the headset screw the cap bolt in until it is snug and then back it out one fourth turn. Torque the stem clamp bolts to the recommended value and then recheck all bolts again before you ride.